terms of use

Last Updated: 21 June 2023

Very important information before you buy any services from us:

We only provide working Google ,Microsoft, Facebook Ads accounts with the possibility to add funds anytime and run campaigns worldwide.

Accounts are working 100% since the Ads account will have a running campaign in order to verify that it’s fully active prior to send it to you. You can pause that campaign or remove it.

We provide general tips to run campaigns and to keep the account for as long as possible (except the Black Hat and Merchant Center Ads accounts where we provide full support for campaigns).

Make sure to check our Tutorials and Latest Updates.


  • Due to the current situation in Russia we can only accept Bitcoin Payments at this time. We will re-enable PayPal and other payment methods once the current situation will be solved.


  • All accounts are prepaid – you must add funds to the account in order to run campaigns
  • Funds can be added through our website


  • You can add funds on our website
  • Deposit fee is 3%
  • Any change made to the payment method that is already on the account will waive any kind of support from us and you will not be able to add funds on our site on that account.
  • Minimum deposit is 25 USD.


  • Accounts – 1 hour
  • Add Funds –  Instantly


You can publish Crypto, Gambling, Forex, Brands, Affiliates and more campaigns on Google Ads using our custom made cloaking for Google Ads.

You will provide us with your campaign settings in order for us to create the cloaking for it. Time to create it 1-3 days.

Once cloaker is activated and tested we will publish your first campaign. It is recommended that you follow our instructions on how to safely edit campaigns, create new ones in order to keep the account for as long as possible.

All Black Hat Ads Accounts come with a 14 days guarantee. Once we setup the campaign you must not change any settings within the account, otherwise the guarantee is waived. You will have to inform us of any change so we can safely apply it to your campaign.

If the account is suspended for any reason within this period you will receive a replacement account at no extra cost. 


You will be assigned one of our experts to publish your campaigns in the account you purchased.

Communication will be done via Telegram or Email. You will receive the Account Manager contact after the purchase.

Using our experts you will allow the Accounts Manager access to your account in order to publish your campaigns.

We offer a 100% account warranty free of suspensions, and if they might occur you will get an account replacement at no cost as long as the Account Manager fee is paid.


All accounts

As long as you do not remove our payment method from the account funding we guarantee that the account will not be suspended for any payment related issues.

Black Hat Ads Accounts

14 days warranty with account replace

Dedicated Account Manager option 

100% Warranty with refund or account replace


If during a 90 day period there is no activity on your account (Suspended, Add Funds or Campaigns running ) the account is considered INACTIVE and will be deleted from our website.

You can still use the account but you have to add your payment method and also proxy.


  • Accounts have cards attached that can accept refunds.
  • Refund fee to your bitcoin address is 10% of the amount
  • Google/Microsoft/Facebook sends refunds within 14 days since the account was cancelled
  • To process your refund contact us