Google Ads Update on Gadsaccounts due to Russia War

12 March Update: This post is valid only for Russian accounts

On 10 March 2022 Google Ads posted the following update:

As part of our recent suspension of ads in Russia, we will also pause ads on Google properties and networks globally for advertisers based in Russia.

We have tested multiple accounts and all accounts are still working and receiving impressions and traffic to their campaigns.

We also tested the add funds option and works with no problems.

We are not able to create new accounts because Google Ads disabled the payment option for accounts in Russia.

We still have some accounts for sale in our portfolio and these will be sold at a higher fee than regular. The total amount of accounts in stock can be seen on the Order page.

Even tough at this time 11 March 2022 the add funds option is still available it can be uncertain of the measures Google Ads might take on Russian Ads accounts.

Google Ads may take time to pause ads on existing accounts or only block new accounts. We tried to contact them via Chat and Phone but it is not working anymore.

Hopefully this war will end because nobody wants it and it affects too many people already. We will be posting updates as soon as things change.

The following images show that funds can be added and also that campaigns are receiving traffic as of today 11 March 2022.

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