GadsAccounts Reviews – Carlos Esteban

This site offers good accounts and here are my thougths for a BH Google Ads account
1 – Payment method already attached to the account. The biggest suspension problem in GA are cards and these guys seem to found the solution.
2 – Easy to download browser and profile for the account is already added.
3 – Adding funds is instantly (there’s a 3% fee for that)
4 – Account not getting suspended after 3 weeks now
5 – Cloaker is still working (previous providers that I tried didn’t make it after 3 days)
1 – They say 1-3 days but I got the account in 5 days and the cloaker in 6 days (the reason I give 4 stars to the review)
2 – Support could be more helpful on Live Chat and not just general information
3 – A dedicated account manager would be useful for these type of accounts since you might want to change campaign settings and you need their help so you don’t mess up the account.
Overall a good experience and hopefully they will do better in the future

by Carlos Esteban

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